Voting intention analysis

Anthony WellsHead of European Political and Social Research
October 29, 2010, 7:06 PM GMT+0

Today's voting intention figures for the Sun stand at Conservative 41%, Labour 39%, Liberal Democrat 11%.

This is broadly in line with the voting intention figures we've seen for the last two weeks - with the public now having had plenty of time to react to the Government's spending review and the political reactions to it, it does not look as though it has produced the immediate short-term drop in Government support that some expected.

Our polling also updated some of our party image trackers - the broad brush questions of how people see the political parties, which are often more important than detailed policies.

  • The Conservatives biggest strength over Labour is being seen as a party whose 'leaders are prepared to take tough and unpopular decisions' (Conservative 62% to 10%)
  • Being led by people of real ability (Conservatives 31% to 18%).
  • They are also more likely to be seen as having moved on and left their past behind them and more likely to support the kind of society that respondents wanted.

As for Labour:

  • They are still more likely to be seen as having their 'heart in the right place' (by 31% compared to the Conservatives' 24%)
  • They are much less likely than the Conservatives to be seen as appealing to only one section of society (24%, compared to 46% for the Conservatives).
  • However, 30% think Labour seems to 'chop and change all the time' compared to only 18% for the Conservatives.
  • 44% think Labour party are 'old and tired', back up to where it was before the election of Ed Miliband.
  • See the survey details and full results here