Laurence Janta-LipinskiAssociate Director

Laurence Janta-Lipinski, Associate Director in the Political and Social Research

Laurence has been with YouGov since 2008. He works on a number of high-profile research projects for print and broadcast media clients, including The Sun, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4 News.

He has also been responsible for large-scale academic studies, such as the British Election Study. In addition, Laurence also leads on projects for numerous educational institutions, including the British Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project where he works with academic clients from Essex, Oxford and Harvard Universities.

Laurence is an experienced media performer, providing insight on a range of political and social stories for Sky News, the BBC News Channel, BBC Radio 5 Live as well as providing live rolling election analysis for BBC Radio London. He holds a Master’s degree in Politics and Research Methods from the University of Nottingham.

  • Referendum 1 – 0 FootballArticle

    Referendum 1 – 0 Football

    New research shows that the beautiful game is not as important to football fans as the EU referendum

    11 Jun 2016
  • Is "Project Fear" cutting through?Article

    Is "Project Fear" cutting through?

    Why some tactics from the Scottish Independence playbook may not work in the EU debate

    06 Jun 2016
  • TV debates and “game changers”Article

    TV debates and “game changers”

    With little over two months until the Scottish Independence Referendum, most current polling suggests that for the result to be anything other than a resounding vote to remain part of the UK, the Yes campaign will need a “game changer”. What, therefore, constitutes a “game changer” in the world of ...

    09 Jul 2014
  • Welsh Methodology ChangesArticle

    Welsh Methodology Changes

    As with all good polling organisations, we at YouGov are constantly looking to update our methods when we believe changes need to be made. Having evaluated our performance in Wales for the European Elections, it became evident that minor adjustments were needed to continue our hard-won record for accuracy. To ...

    02 Jul 2014
  • How worried should Miliband be about Blair?Article

    How worried should Miliband be about Blair?

    As the former PM resurfaces once more, we ask how damaging his legacy is for Labour With the current crisis in Iraq, and the Chilcott inquiry due to report in the not too distant future, Tony Blair, and Labour’s, record in Iraq is likely to spark much debate in the ...

    19 Jun 2014
  • The importance of the economy to the Scottish ReferendumArticle

    The importance of the economy to the Scottish Referendum

    With less than 100 days to go until the Scottish Referendum, both sides are ramping up their campaigns to convince the ever dwindling pool of undecided voters to join their cause. The latest efforts saw both sides publish a financial report showing, unsurprisingly, that Scots would be better off if ...

    17 Jun 2014
  • Young people on the futureArticle

    Young people on the future

    18-24s optimistic about future despite economy, in poll comparing their views to British public

    27 Jul 2012
  • The Scottish referendumArticle

    The Scottish referendum

    Scots favour 'devo-max' independence; many potential voters still yet to decide

    18 Jan 2012
  • More misery for EdArticle

    More misery for Ed

    Our recent results don't show the Labour leader in a good light – we summarise the key findings

    12 Jan 2012
  • The YouGov Awards 2011Article

    The YouGov Awards 2011

    Sports stars, news events, films, TV…what and who took the top spots in our annual national poll?

    30 Dec 2011