James McCoyResearch Director, Reports
  • Alpha Mums: UKArticle

    Alpha Mums: UK

    The concept of an “Alpha Mum” has been discussed in a wide range of media over the past few years. As well as being an important target market for products aimed at/associated with children, Alpha Mums are important decision-makers with regard to a wide range of goods and services. They ...

    03 Apr 2013
  • Music Festivals: UKArticle

    Music Festivals: UK

    Music festivals in the UK have grown rapidly in number and popularity over the past decade and are now part of the cultural fabric of the British summer, alongside such iconic events as Wimbledon fortnight and Test cricket. However, as economic recovery continues to stall, continued growth in the festivals ...

    03 Apr 2013
  • Green and Electric Cars: UKArticle

    Green and Electric Cars: UK

    This report provides an analysis of the UK market for Green Cars including Alternative Fuelled Vehicles(AFVs). The report offers an insight into car ownership, usage and purchasing trends in general, andattitudes towards electric cars and AFVs in particular based on research among a sample of cardrivers. The ...

    27 Mar 2013
  • Snacking: UKArticle

    Snacking: UK

    Snacking or eating between meals is now very much the norm in the UK. A vast array of products exists to satisfy this market, and while confectionery, crisps and biscuits are particularly notable examples, they are not the only possibilities for snacking. In terms of consumer research, this report includes ...

    26 Mar 2013
  • Argos cuts catalogueArticle

    Argos cuts catalogue

    Argos plan to reduce printed catalogues despite shopping catalogues being popular with consumers

    25 Oct 2012