Hannah PerryProduct Manager - SoMA
  • Waitrose, traditional media and TwitterArticle

    Waitrose, traditional media and Twitter

    #Waitrosereasons campaign sheds light on relationship between social and traditional media

    25 Sep 2012
  • iPhone creating a stir on social mediaArticle

    iPhone creating a stir on social media

    Apple’s launch of the Apple iPhone 5 has caused a stir on both Twitter and Facebook in the last week

    25 Sep 2012
  • The Lynx effect? Article

    The Lynx effect?

    A cheeky ad campaign and Facebook competition give body spray brand back its edge over rival

    04 Sep 2012
  • London 2012: Tweet warsArticle

    London 2012: Tweet wars

    Olympic sponsors worth it? Our social media tool reveals rival brands talked about for free online

    08 Aug 2012
  • Social media: Insights into charityArticle

    Social media: Insights into charity

    New social media measuring tool YouGov SoMA shows charities' potential to help further causes

    26 Jul 2012
  • Social media & TV audiencesArticle

    Social media & TV audiences

    'Made In Chelsea' case study shows how new tool YouGov SoMA measures social media insight

    26 Jul 2012
  • Cutting the deficitArticle

    Cutting the deficit

    In light of Osborne’s budget speech YouGov consulted the public on how they would manage government spending. 1,000 panellists across the UK took the YouChoose consultation, a deliberative study which asks respondents to cut £80billion from the deficit. Panellists selected the government departments they thought should face the deepest cuts and which should be saved from the axe, while being given full information on the consequences of each of their decisions.

    16 May 2011