Dan BrilotLead Director, Media
  • Media, Technology & Telecoms outlook for 2014Article

    Media, Technology & Telecoms outlook for 2014

    YouGov’s researchers have pin-pointed four device-driven trends to look out for in the next year

    18 Dec 2013
  • Ceefax 2.0: The next generation?Article

    Ceefax 2.0: The next generation?

    For all the talk of mobiles and tablets, Smart TV seems to be a natural fit for the delivery of news content

    22 Aug 2013
  • TV on demandArticle

    TV on demand

    Majority of TV viewing now 'on demand' for 1 in 4 Brits, finds new Smart TV research

    30 Apr 2012
  • Smart TV growing slowlyArticle

    Smart TV growing slowly

    Christmas fails to improve consumers’ connection with Smart TV as uptake remains low

    24 Jan 2012