Google’s ‘Augmented Reality’ goggles – Your reaction

June 07, 2012, 10:33 AM GMT+0

Google recently released a promotional video for a futuristic new product: the ‘augmented reality’ goggles. While the internet giant has not said when the goggles would be available to consumers, there are reports that a few of its competitors are working on similar products.

To find out what you thought about Google’s innovation, we invited you to watch the ‘concept video’ and reflect on whether you would want to own such a product if it makes it from the Google laboratory onto shop shelves.

  • Those who told us they would consider buying them, said they were excited by new technologies on principle, and the possibility of having their smartphone features more integrated with their day-to-day lives appealed to them.
  • Participants who said they would not consider getting a pair of augmented reality goggles, expressed concerns that they would cause wearers to become isolated from reality by occupying the goggles’ semi-virtual world.
  • And those who told us they were uncertain whether they would buy them, said they would need to know more (including the price), and were torn between liking the potential convenience of ‘augmented reality’, and concerns that it might become annoying.

Here we look at the range of reasons put forward by participants, both in favour, and with reservations about, Google’s prospective ‘augmented reality’ goggles.

What's your impression of Google's 'Augmented Reality' goggles?

Watch the video and give your reflections in Disqus below

Yes, I would consider buying them:

I like the practicality of the item, and I enjoy experiencing cutting edge technologiesAnon

They would finally free a smartphone from being a handheld device that you have to use both hands to interact with, and instead make it far more free and easy to use, especially while driving” Ed, Derbyshire

This is exactly how technology should work; not all that fiddling about with gadgets, and clicks, and menus – it should integrate smoothly with me and my daily life” Petronella, London

I think they're very innovative and a step forward from smartphones todayAnon

They have incorporated themselves with the user so flawlessly that I can imagine that in the future everyone will have them. I would love to be in tune with biotechnology like that” H Moss, Huddersfield

It would just basically be an amazing smartphone, only, on and in your headAnon

“Assuming it worked properly, this would be totally revolutionary and life-changingAnon

I think it would be a good extension of the services that I already use from GoogleAnon

No, I would not consider buying them:

“I'm the type of person who loves my technology, but being surrounded by information all the time would make me stressed. I much prefer the idea of being able to leave my phone/computer and enjoy life, instead of relying on technology to tell me what to do all the time. I think it's sad people are becoming reliant on technology so muchAnon

I want to control my contact and interaction with the outside world, not have it literally in my face all the timeAnon

They are clearly just a way for shy and insecure people to cut themselves off from real life by creating a barrier between themselves and their physical environment. They will limit direct interaction, as the wearer becomes increasingly dependent on information supplied by the system and not by the physical environment around them and the people in it. They are also potentially dangerous as they distract the wearer and result in them not taking as much notice of potential threats (such as traffic when crossing a road)” CJNM, Sheffield

It’s yet another case of technology separating us off from the real world while pretending to bring it closer” Chris, Oldham

The joy of being a sentient being is having to think about the world we live in and make decisions based on what is happening around us. People are so out of touch with the real world already, so this would make it even worse. What is happening to us?” Jules, Poole

I don't know if I would consider buying them:

They could become a little intrusive after a while, and they might place a weird barrier between goggles users and non-users. There's enough misunderstanding between web-literate and non-web-literate people as it is” Mike F, Swanage

I might buy them if they were reasonably priced to see what they were like. They might get on my nervesAnon

“I have no idea what they actually look like. Also, I'm dubious about how easy they are to use, would other people have to own the goggles to face time them? Would they work in rural areas?” David, Hull

“I don't really understand what they do. In one way they could be quite useful and, in another, if you're looking at scripts you're not looking where you're going. People could become too dependent on them and lose all initiative. Also, the idea of everyone wandering round wearing them seems a bit zombie-ish!” Miranda F, Clapham

I can see some advantages, but some things are likely to be gimmicky. I do not want to be seen as someone who wants to shut themself out of the world and talk to glasses instead of interactivity. It depends on the price and actual features when it is releasedAnon

What's your impression of Google's 'Augmented Reality' goggles?

Watch the video and give your reflections in Disqus below

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