Which Brits want streaming services to offer group deals?

October 14, 2020, 1:58 PM GMT+0

Families are more likely to want a group deal from content streaming sites

YouGov Profiles asks Brits whether they think streaming services should better cater to groups by offering subscription deals for groups.

Overall 55% of the general public agree that streaming service providers could do more to offer group subscriptions, with 28% saying they neither agree nor disagree and 18% opposing the idea.

The idea most appeals to parents of younger families, with nearly two thirds (64%) of parents agreeing with the statement, another 22% of parents with children under 16 disagree.

YouGov Profiles also allows us to explore other demographics. Looking at age, respondents are evenly distributed across the age brackets. They are slightly less likely to be younger, with only 16% aged between 18 and 24.

At the other end of the scale, a plurality (the largest group but one that is not a majority) are aged 55 or older (25%). When it comes to gender, the group is split nearly 50/50, with half (51%) of those who think streaming services should offer more group subscriptions being male, and the remaining 49% being female.

What drives these Brits to streaming services?

Brits who would like to see more group subscription options are most likely to use video streaming services due to the convenience offered, and are more likely to do so than the general population (27% versus 21%). Another 19% say they use video streaming services because they enable access to shows not offered by traditional broadcasters.

A similar proportion (18%) also say they use streaming services as they make it easier to find the content they want, and 13% say they use these services because streaming is cheaper than more traditional forms of television entertainment.

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