Eight in ten say it is currently difficult to find a job in Britain

Lukas PaleckisSenior Research Executive
November 26, 2020, 4:22 PM GMT+0

Only 9% think it is currently easy to do so, the lowest number since the coronavirus crisis began

YouGov’s tracking data shows a massive 80% of the public think it is currently difficult for those in the market to find a job in Britain, including 42% who think it is “very difficult”. Just 9% say it is currently easy for those looking to find a job. Unsurprisingly this is a massive shift from before the first UK lockdown. In February, 44% thought finding a job was difficult while 39% thought it was easy.

The number thinking the job market is currently difficult has been on an upward trend over the course of the year, initially jumping to 57% in April and then to 71% in June. Figures rose only slightly thereafter, to 78% in July and have remained at about that level ever since.

Similar figures are seen across all age groups – suggesting a wider understanding of the difficulties those in the job market are currently facing. Conservatives, however, are slightly more optimistic about the situation than Labour voters. Amongst Tory voters 14% think it is currently easy to find a job, compared to 77% who say it is difficult. Just 5% of Labour voters say it is currently easy, while 89% say it is hard to find work.

The public are split on what kind of government would do better getting Britons back to work: 27% of the public believe a Labour government led by Keir Starmer would be better at providing more jobs, compared to 25% who believe the same about a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson.

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