Apple: iWant One!

June 18, 2010, 7:09 PM GMT+0

Apple is proving popular among TellYouGov users, or ‘tyggers’, recording a high volume of 144 in the last 24 hours, representing an increase of 84. Given that a sentiment score is calculated by subtracting negative comments (‘tygs’) from positive ones, Apple’s sentiment score of +58 indicates that feeling is mainly positive towards the company.

While Apple continues to receive praise for what some tyggers see as ‘always being miles ahead of the competition’ and ‘once again setting the standards in technology’, much interest seems to have developed from the recent launches of the iPad and new iPhone. The Apple iPad in particular seems to be a hit among tyggers with many reporting good experiences of using the new product. One tygger said ‘the iPad is revolutionary’, while another called it ‘a joy to use’. One particularly happy tygger commented ‘I love my iPad so much and have used it so much! I don’t care that it was expensive!’ It seems that even some who do not yet own an iPad have good things to say about it, with one saying ‘the new iPad looks great. I wish I had the money to buy one’.

The new iPhone 4, which has experienced such high demand that this week websites in the UK and the US crashed, is also proving a hit with TellYouGov users, with some describing it as ‘excellent’ and another calling it 'a good product with advanced features'. One tygger who has yet to get their hands on the iPhone commented that they were 'excited about the new iPhone', while another said that the phone 'looks awesome!'

However, despite the majority of comments about Apple being positive, there are some users who seem less than pleased with the brand. One tygger described Apple's products as 'overpriced and unreliable', while another said it was 'for followers of fads'. Some seem particularly annoyed about the speed with which upgrades are released, with one saying, 'why do they keep bringing out new iPhones so soon after the last one?', while another simply commented 'not another iPhone'.

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