Making homes energy efficient a priority for 2010

March 05, 2010, 2:11 AM GMT+0

Britons will be placing a lot of importance on making their homes energy efficient in 2010, saving pounds in the process. A poll conducted on behalf of Ecocamel looked into people’s perceptions of energy and money efficiency in their homes and found that over two thirds (67%) of British adults felt that their home was fairly energy efficient. A significant 78% think that making their home energy and money efficient in 2010 will be an important priority for them.

However, a great disparity in people’s attitudes still exists, and varies between age and region.


The Welsh are the most optimistic about improving their homes for 2010 – a massive 89% said improving their home’s efficiency was important to them.

Conversely, those from London and the Eastern counties were found to be the least positive and proactive about their home’s future energy and money efficiency, with nearly one quarter claiming that it is not important to them: the greatest proportion to choose this option.
Overall, though, the results are positive throughout Britain – on average, 79% of people from the North and South of England, the Midlands and Scotland think that improving their household’s energy and money efficiency should be an important priority in the coming year.


Region is not the only consideration - the survey showed that people’s intentions for 2010 usually varies with age, with the oldest respondents the most concerned about increasing energy and money efficiency.

Of those aged 55 or above, 88% feel that making their home more energy efficient in 2010 is important to them. This compares with 60% – nearly 20% less – of young people aged 18-24. Over a third (38%) of this age group thinks that energy efficiency in 2010 is not important compared with only 11% of those aged 55 and over. Perhaps this discrepancy reflects the decreased levels of young people who own property and who therefore might be less concerned than homeowners about improving the efficiency of their homes, although it could also point to less awareness of energy needs (and cost)overall among this age group.

In general, though, the British have a positive attitude towards improving their energy efficiency in 2010. The survey has highlighted that in order to optimise energy efficient practices further, eco-awareness campaigners should perhaps do more to target young people, if only to raise their awareness of the need to conserve energy when they do eventually become homeowners. In addition, the varying attitudes in different areas of the country also point to important differences in priority and lifestyle between regions, highlighting more possible stumbling blocks in the path to green living.

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