Classic jam or American-style ring? How you like your doughnuts!

June 14, 2012, 4:27 PM GMT+0

On June 1st the US celebrated ‘National Doughnut Day’, a ‘holiday’ that got its start as a Salvation Army fundraiser in 1938.

Established to help raise money for the poor and vulnerable, the day also honours the ‘Lassies’ of World War I, who were women volunteers that prepared and served doughnuts and other foods to soldiers on the front lines.

To mark the occasion of Doughnut Day, YouGov’s ShoppingLab invited our panel’s doughnut devotees to tell us exactly how they like their doughnuts.

What is your ideal doughnut?

Is there another food or drink you think deserves its own day?

Q: What sort of filling, if any, do you like most in your doughnut?

The classic jam filling was by far the most popular among those of you who took part in the doughnut discussion.

  • Many of you said it reminded you of your childhoods, and also that it improved the taste and texture of the doughnut.
  • A high proportion of participants said they preferred ringed doughnuts because they were not as messy as filled ones, and tended to produce a more even bake.
  • Custard was a distant third. Those who said it was their favourite filling called it “refreshing” and liked that it was not too sweet.

Most popular: 'Jam is my favourite doughnut filling"

As a child I remember eating warm doughnuts with jam oozing out. A doughnut without jam tastes too dry!Anon

Love the taste and squidgy feel, and the slight decadence of oozing sweet jamAnon

The sweet, gooey tartness of raspberry or strawberry jam goes excellently with the doughy doughnut and the sugar or icing on the outsideJenny, London

I'm old enough, and old-fashioned enough to stick with a preference that I made when I was a child!Sue, Manchester

'I prefer ringed doughnuts'

“Ring doughnuts are nicer because they are have a better consistency and flavour. The ring shape means that they're more evenly cooked, without the soggy patches that can develop in filled doughnuts. Also, ring doughnuts tend to be less overwhelmingly stickyED, Northampton

“I hate jam! Also the consistency of filling inside donuts just makes them soggy and stodgy. Ringed donuts are more light (and less messy!) to eat without a filling dribbling all over!Anon

Not too sweet, great consistent texture; can get my teeth into it without squirting filling all over myselfAnon

I prefer ring doughnuts with glazed toppings, as fillings tend to leak/dripAnon

'Custard is my favourite doughnut filling'

Smooth filling and often not too sweetAl, Sdicup

“I just like cold custard! It's a bit less sweet than jam, but I have chocolate on everything else so is a nice change in a doughnutAnon

Works well with the consistency of the doughnut and isn't as messy as jam!Anon

I find it more refreshing that any other fillingGabby R, Kidsgrove

Q: What’s your favourite doughnut topping?

  • It was close, but a sugar-coating came out just ahead of an icing sugar glaze as the favourite doughnut topping of those taking part in the discussion. Many of you simply said it is the way doughnuts should be, and that its pleasant simplicity was what made it the best topping.
  • The second highest proportion of participants chose icing sugar as their preferred doughnut topping, which many said was because of its subtle sweetness.

'Sugar-coating is my favourite doughnut topping'

It is the only wayLorraine B, Stratford

I like the crunchiness given by a sugar coating – it’s got to be caster sugar, not icing sugar, though, or it's just messy and sticky” Anon

Sugary doughnuts are great because they remind me of childhood when they were almost always the only sort that you could get … It has a texture and a taste all of its own. Glazed doughnuts aren't so good because the coating always comes off so easily, and the taste is overpowering on one side, and bland on the other” ED, Northampton

“I think if I had a jam filling and a very sweet coating such as icing, it would be too overpowering. Sugar is nice and simpleJay, Rugby

It's how a doughnut is meant to beAnon

'Icing sugar glaze is my favourite doughnut topping'

It’s just sweet enough; sprinkles and other thick glazes are just a total sugar overload!Anon

It adds that moist, sweet element to the doughnutDan H, Faversham

It's really good, and just a bit more decadent than the usual sugar coatingCarrie

It goes a little bit crisp when dried, which is nice with the soft doughnutAnon

It goes well with a semi-savoury flavour of the doughnutMS, London

What is your ideal doughnut?

Any other food or drink you think deserves its own day?