Who has bought something because of a social media offer?

September 24, 2020, 9:01 AM GMT+0

YouGov Profiles reveals looks at the habits of social media shoppers

One in eight Brits (13%) have been prodded to buy something because of an offer on social media, according to newly released YouGov Profiles data.

Such purchasers are far more likely to be female, with 65% being women. They are also more likely to be younger than average, with 64% being under the age of 45 compared to 44% of the population in general.

They also tend to come from more affluent households, with most (51%) living in a household making at least £30,000 a year (only 39% of all Brits live in such a household).

Social media shoppers tend to be seasoned discount seekers. Half (52%) had used a promotional deal in the last 30 days, 40% had used an online promo code, and 23% a gift voucher.

They are overwhelmingly Facebook users, with 91% saying they are on the platform. Six in ten are on Instagram (60%), 43% are on Twitter and 28% are on Snapchat. The final member of the top five is LinkedIn, on 23%.

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