Two thirds of Britons like seeing real-looking people in adverts

September 08, 2020, 2:22 PM GMT+0

Only one in eight dislike it

According to YouGov Profiles, two thirds of Britons (66%) say they like seeing real-looking people in adverts. One in five Britons (21%) don’t have strong feelings about the topic, while 13% don’t like depictions of everyday Britons in adverts.

So what do people who appreciate a real-looking person in an advert like in advertising, generally?

Topping the list is that it is an advert being memorable, at 44%. Next is it making them laugh, at 35%, followed by “the products/services it is about” on 34%, and the creativity or originality of the advert, on 33%.

In terms of outdoor advertising, such people are most likely to see adverts on the side of buses (59%), on public transport (51%), and on trains (46%) and at bus stops (46%).

Asked where best to place an advert that they might see, they were most likely to say TV advertising (49%) and online (46%).

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