McVitie's in strong position as it launches new campaign

Amelia BrophyHead of Data Products, UK
March 12, 2018, 11:08 AM GMT+0

As McVitie’s moves on from its longstanding ‘Sweeet’ campaign for a new marketing drive which has launched under the strapline ‘Sweeter Together’, it’s a good time to assess the position the snackmaker’s brand reputation is in.

YouGov BrandIndex data indicates that McVitie’s remains in a strong position in terms of consumer perception.

Its Quality score among the general public (whether a brand represents good quality) currently stands at a strong +33 points, which compares favourably to rivals such as Fox’s Biscuits for example (+25).

The brand is well regarded more generally. Its Impression score (whether you have a positive or negative impression of a brand) is currently at the +40 mark. Only Walkers (+42) has a higher score in the snack food category.

Of course, brands in this sector have had to confront the issue of ‘shrinkflation’. YouGov data from 2017 indicates that when faced with the choice, consumers would rather pay more than see their favourite products shrink. Almost half (46%) say they would prefer a price increase and the size stayed the same, while 36% would favour the price to stay the same but the portion to decrease.

Fortunately for the brand, consumers still regard the brand’s products as good value for the money. It is currently the highest-rated brand in the snack food sector with regards to Value score, with a rating of +18.

Looking ahead to McVitie’s new campaign, YouGov Profiles data indicates that McVitie’s core customers (satisfied customers who actively recommend), are more likely than the average to say that television advertising grabs their attention (64% vs. 50%). Added to this, 70% say that billboards, especially those showing dynamic content, capture their attention (against 52%).

With all this in mind, McVitie’s is in a strong position as it launches its new campaign, which it hopes will help to maintain the connection it currently has with the public.

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Image: McVitie's