Trick or treat?

October 30, 2010, 12:37 AM GMT+0

Whether the prospect of trick-or-treaters has you battening down the hatches or stocking up the cupboards, there is no denying that that the search for ghoulish goodies is an exciting part of the celebration for many children this Halloween.

But what to give the little horrors? YouGov SixthSense’s children’s confectionery report may provide an inkling of what trick-or-treaters would be happy to see in their cauldrons this Halloween.

  • Individual chocolate bars, such as Galaxy and Dairy Milk, are a favourite among 7 to 15 year olds. 59% say they eat individual bars on a regular basis, while 31% eat them occasionally.
  • Chocolate count lines, such as Kit Kat and Twix, are also popular, eaten regularly by 37% of children and occasionally by 30%.
  • But if you give dark chocolate to the little monsters knocking at your door, you might be in for a trick anyway. 6 out of 10 children (60%) say they don’t like the taste.
  • And don’t try to curb the chocolate obsession with something a little more nutritious – 65% of 7 to 15 year olds say they ‘don’t see why’ they shouldn’t eat chocolate.
  • Sugar confectionary is also popular among the younger generation.
  • 39% say they eat gums and jellies (such as Haribo) regularly, while a further 42% eat them occasionally.
  • 19% eat mints regularly and 28% occasionally, while 7% eat Pick’n’mix sweeties regularly and 22% occasionally.

Never mind the ghost train this weekend – it looks like some kids will already be running away on their very own sugar rush.

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