Interactive content helps build-up rich prospect profiles and boosts business revenues

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February 27, 2020, 4:45 PM UTC

A Demand Metric study reveals that 96% of consumers believe interactivity impacts buying decisions.

This piece argues interactive content can help brands build rich prospect profiles and forge a strong relationship with customers by offering value, engagingly. Leveraging interactive content like quizzes and surveys can help businesses understand customer pain points and requirements.

Interactive content can also help marketers understand how they can resolve customer challenges. It can further guide marketers to get lead scores for their prospects, identify different personas, qualify prospects and finally, direct them through the marketing funnel.

The author contends that while improving the quality of prospect profiling, interactive content can lead to more sales and have a positive impact on business growth. The content’s simplicity can contribute to improving brand loyalty by providing customers with answers to their queries.

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