Marketing and sales teams must develop processes collectively

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February 05, 2020, 10:23 AM UTC

Operational alignment must be priority at the highest levels of the organisation.

The author highlights best practices that can help marketing and sales teams work together more efficiently. Businesses must make operational alignment between sales and marketing a top priority. This alignment is very crucial for businesses in their growth-phase, who want to “scale impact”, enhance efficiency and maintain net-new customer profitability.

Maintaining a single scorecard focused on the important metrics can let sales and marketing teams represent end-of-funnel conversions together. This can also be an indicator showing which channels are more effective. Both the teams must not hide their mistakes. They must have no hidden agendas in order to succeed collectively.

After establishing a foundation of transparency and empathy, they must develop a set review cycle to assess and improve performance. Both teams collectively must agree on the next steps.

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