Marketers are considering moving away from data management platforms

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December 16, 2019, 9:40 AM UTC

Privacy being top of mind and the shift away from cookies are some reasons behind the shift.

The author argues that many marketers are moving towards discontinuing the use of DMPs. Among other factors, the lack of relevant data and talent are responsible for it. Belinda Smith, head of global marketing intelligence at EA describes DMPs as expensive, laborious, with low match rates.

Problems for marketers also arise from DMP vendors’ support teams being unreliable and inaccessible. Another factor is companies lacking in the relevant data required to actually run the DMPs.   

In cases where the DMPs come stocked with third-party data, it turns out companies’ contracts don’t allow for the acquisition of that data. While the reasons to ditch DMPs may be clear to marketers, it would be hard to do given the investments made in talent and technology.

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