Long form Facebook ads can attract people unfamiliar with a brand or its product

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November 18, 2019, 5:11 AM UTC

They can act as a “mini-landing page” to drive conversion for the brand.

This author makes a case for when a brand should use long form or short form Facebook ads. Long form Facebook ads can act as a “mini-landing page” and encourage a user to make the first click which takes them to the site.

These ads also help target an audience that is unfamiliar with a brand’s product or service. Given their function as a “mini-landing page”, long form ads help on running a Facebook Lead Generation ad which isn’t supported by a landing page.

Short form Facebook ads are beneficial for retargeting users that are familiar with a brand and understand its products. A customer review that acknowledges a potential concern and “sparks” other reviews can work well as short form ads.

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