Brands must learn how to collaborate from the music industry and YouTubers

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November 04, 2019, 11:54 AM UTC

Collaboration helps in survival, robust transition, ambitious growth and cultural renewal.

Eatbigfish’s Adam Morgan opines that collaboration can be a powerful strategy to scale the impact of marketing. Marketers can learn from the music industry and YouTubers for whom collaboration has become an integral part of their brand’s growth strategy.

Morgan highlights how music artists can maximise their commercial return by selling to each other’s fans. With the advent of streaming models, artists can feature on one another’s playlists, thereby expanding their audience-base through a “culture of collaboration”.

He identifies four key strategic needs for successful collaboration, namely “mutual survival” and “navigating rapids”, both of which are driven by existential crisis and require working together. Next is “entrepreneurial impact” where brands can tap into each other’s resources, and “hybrid vigour” which enables continual learning and renewal.

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