67.4% of Americans wait for TV shows to stream on OTT platforms to skip commercials

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October 15, 2019, 10:53 AM UTC

39.2% of respondents were exposed to new shows through word-of-mouth.

This article cites a survey which found that 67.4% of respondents wait for TV programming to be available on streaming services to avoid ad breaks. This also allows them binge-watch the program instead of waiting for a new episode every week.

About one-third of respondents reported watching shows only on streaming services. 25% preferred programs created by streaming services as against television networks. Primarily Amazon Prime and primarily Netflix viewers were likely to prefer streaming over television due to the production quality of shows and diversity in the actors on the programming, respectively.

39.2% of respondents said they were introduced to new TV shows by word-of-mouth, with 19.2% discovering content through ads. “Interesting descriptions and trailers” is an important deciding factor for watching a show.

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