Adopting sustainable practices can help retailers influence shoppers’ purchase decisions

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September 05, 2019, 12:49 PM UTC

66% of UK adults think sustainable practices in retail will make a real difference to the environment. 

This piece argues that the shopper mindset has changed and they now expect active sustainable initiatives from consumer brands. To address such shoppers, brands need to execute sustainability in their marketing campaigns as well. 

Brands need to be simple, meaningful and clear about their purpose. However, they should avoid “woke washing” by putting policies into practice. This article cites an example of PG Tips stating how their sustainability marketing initiative rolled out a simple message with clear deadlines. 

The author contends that in-store digital platforms can be beneficial in enabling sustainable marketing campaigns to be more reactive and flexible. Brands can creatively target specific shopper demographics to make their sustainable messaging seem more organic and natural.

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