A CEO must remain calm but empathetic while addressing the media regarding a disaster or tragedy

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August 27, 2019, 11:42 AM UTC

They must display sympathy towards the victims of the mishap.

This article outlines the role of a CEO in a case where the company is involved in a disaster or tragedy. The piece says that as the head of the organisation, the CEO is expected to be the spokesperson in such situations. Whether or not they have had media training, their PR team must immediately put together a plan in case of any such an emergency.

The author recommends that at the press conference, the CEO must seem calm yet empathetic. They must not deviate from their fundamental talking points and remain focused. CEOs must display compassion towards the victims.

Additionally, reassure the public that the company will ensure prevention of any such event reoccurring. A CEO should be mindful when speaking to a larger public through the media.

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