Marketers must gather information about a data source to make sure it’s a credible one

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July 17, 2019, 4:46 AM UTC

Backlink checker could be used to examine the authenticity of a data source.

Content marketers must learn how to use data in a responsible manner to gain consumer trust. The author suggests guidelines for them to follow to be able to share data effectively and reliably with the audience.

Brands must collect information about a data source to understand whether the information can be trusted or whether the source is credible. For this, marketers could use a backlink checker to know who else has cited a study and their experiences with the source.

Content marketers must remain mindful about the limitations of their data. For example, they must be wary of drawing broader conclusions from a survey of 20 respondents. In such a case, the brand must be clear that the conclusions were derived from a sample of only 20.  

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