Despite rising ecommerce sales, in-store sales grow by 3.4%

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July 16, 2019, 5:56 AM UTC

87% of consumers prefer to buy perishable items in-store where they can determine freshness.

This article notes the impact of the “ecommerce and Amazon effect” on sales of the offline retail industry. A study by Escalent found that where online retail sales have grown at 16%, in-store grew by 3.4%. But, the total revenue of in-store retail was found to be $152.7 billion with ecommerce garnering $62.5 billion in sales.  

A few sectors, like music, movies or books and electronics among others are expected to see growth in online shopping. However, consumers above 55 years old and also consumers with less $80,000 as annual household income prefer in-store shopping. And, in-store dominates the grocery sector.

Shoppers that want to engage their senses also prefer in-store purchases. The article suggests that offline retailers must try to make shopping more of an experience by prioritising consumer needs.

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