Google has a higher review volume than Facebook and Yelp combined

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July 10, 2019, 5:20 AM UTC

At 85%, Google has the highest claimed or verified locations, followed by Yelp and then Facebook.

A study each from SOCi and FreshChalk provide insights into the current state of local digital marketing. SOCi did a Localised Social Marketing analysis (LMS) on 163 leading franchise brands in ten vertical categories, while FreshChalk published an analysis of 150,000 local business websites.

Top performers from the ten industries studied had sales growth three times the average for all 163 brands, while category leaders had twice the average sales growth. LMS revealed that on average 78% of locations were claimed.

About 85% of them were on Google. Yelp followed at 75% and Facebook at 74%. Google had higher review volumes than Facebook and Yelp put together. In terms of rating, Additionally, Facebook had the highest average score of 4.27, followed by Google at 3.45 and then Yelp at 2.09.

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