Understanding customer behaviour can help brands develop a personalised experience

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May 24, 2019, 4:58 PM UTC

Departmental barriers prevent brands from delivering a better customer experience.

Digital revolution has brought in a competitive business advantage for brands to deliver a personalised customer experience. Marketers can predict consumer behaviour and also understand the experience by combining big data like trends with small data like online quantitative research.

According to this article regularly interacting with consumers in a feedback loop can help marketers understand the changes in consumer behaviour to create a better experience. Eliminating departmental silos in an organisation can help marketers and researchers share their expertise and knowledge and get a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

The author contends that the brand message may sometimes get diluted across the departments, and project different brand narratives to consumers. Brands should ensure that all departments in the organisation share a consistent brand narrative to provide a seamless consumer experience.

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