Creating “timeless” content and mapping it with sales processes could improve ROI

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May 03, 2019, 10:08 AM UTC

Sharing responses to frequently asked questions and collecting feedback are also useful in increasing ROI.

Noting that content creation can be an expensive process, the author suggests that to increase the value of investment, businesses could create content with a longer shelf life. This means content that would remain “valuable” for one or two years. Such “timeless” content should be unaffected by changing trends.

ROI can also be improved by creating content that answers commonly asked consumer queries. Such educational content can be mapped with the sales process, the results of which could be measured by metrics like deal volume, sales cycle duration, and customer satisfaction rates.

Collecting audience feedback to determine the effectiveness and value of the content program can be a useful process for idea generation. This feedback process can help brands create effective content that “directly impacts different stages of the sales cycle”.  

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