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Voters are not only divided about the party they want in power, but also about what kind of power that party should have

We ask the public every day who they will vote for, but only rarely do we inquire what their preferred election outcome might be. With so much doubt about either side's ability to win an absolute majority, that question becomes very pertinent. So, exclusively for RedBox, I used YouGov's 'First Verdict' to find out. I asked: "If forced to choose from the following four options, which do you prefer as the outcome of the next general election?" The first set of options, with the results, were:
I followed up with: "And what if it's these four options as the outcome of the next election?"
Fewer than two thirds want either side to win an absolute majority, and voters are fairly evenly divided on coalition versus minority government. Strikingly, there is a clear preference for Cameron over Miliband as a fully empowered PM, though (as my final question reveals), there are fewer supporters for the proposition of a right-wing Conservative government than for a left-wing Labour one. I asked: "Still forced to choose from just these four options, which do find the most attractive (or the least unattractive) proposition?"

Conducted Sunday, 4th January 2015, 651 respondents
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