Trump on wind power: No effect

April 25, 2012, 2:12 PM UTC

93% Scots more supportive, or views unchanged, after Trump negative comments on wind power

The majority of Scots have indicated their views are either unchanged or are more supportive of wind power as a result of billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s recent disparaging statements about wind turbines, our online survey of 1,041 Scotland residents for green energy association Scottish Renewables has found.

  • 77% of those questioned hadn’t changed their views about wind power in light of Mr Trump’s comments
  • While 16% of those questioned said his comments had made them more supportive of wind power
  • Only 4% of those questioned stated they were less favourable to the development of wind power as a result of Mr Trump’s comments
  • 59% disagreed with Donald Trump’s statements that wind turbines are ‘ugly monstrosities’ and ‘horrendous machines’
  • 71% agreed with the continuing development of wind power as part of a mix of renewable and conventional forms of electricity generation
  • 77% strongly agreed with Scotland’s target to generate 30 per cent of our energy needs from a mix of renewables by 2020

The poll asked about wind power and Mr Trump’s comments about the development of the sector in Scotland, including his statements that turbines are ‘ugly monstrosities’ and ‘horrendous machines’. Trump has been commenting on Scotland's wind turbines to MSPs recently due to his ownership and development of a luxury golf course in Aberdeenshire, which is near the proposed site of several wind turbines.

Some more positive on wind power

But when asked how much weight they thought the Scottish Government should give to Donald Trump’s views when deciding on Scotland’s future energy policy, 85% of those surveyed said ‘ none’ or ‘not a lot’ (59% and 26% respectively).

Commenting on the figures, Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said:

'This poll suggests that Donald Trump’s comments on the development of wind power in Scotland have actually made some people more positive about wind power than they were before. More than three quarters of respondents indicated their views on wind power were unchanged.

'The results also suggest that most people do not think the Scottish Government should place a huge amount of weight on Mr Trump’s views when making decisions on Scotland’s future energy policy.

“A clear majority of respondents support wind power and support our renewable energy targets…and support the continued growth of wind power and other renewables.'

He continued, 'It’s not just the general public who support the growth of renewables as part of our energy mix ‒ leading figures in our business and environment sectors, as well as educational and civic groups, have all thrown their weight behind this industry.

“They see the mounting evidence that renewables are growing employment, improving training and further education opportunities, encouraging investment and helping us reach important targets to reduce our carbon emissions and tackle climate change.”

See the survey details and full results here