The Digital News Report 2021

January 25, 2021, 1:27 PM GMT+0

How YouGov helped Reuters produce the world’s biggest ongoing survey tracking online news and engagement

The Challenge

Gather reliable global information for academics, publishers and media owners in order to:

  • Create the biggest and most reliable study addressing the major issues within the world of news media
  • Grow into new markets to continually provide comparable perspective from the biggest global audience possible
  • Deliver reliable opinion to challenging timescales in a fast-changing landscape

The Approach

Live streaming data: Online survey data with live streaming of results for early data comparison across 46 markets

The Impact

Coverage in the first week:

  • 1,300+ news articles across 63 countries
  • 1.4m Twitter impressions
  • 11,000+ downloads

Key findings cover and include:

Pandemic impact: Television news has been boosted whilst print newspapers saw a decline, accelerating the shift towards an all-digital future 

Trust in the news: Risen by 6% worldwide, with highest levels in Finland (65%) and lowest in the US (29%) 

Threat of misinformation: 58% of the world remain concerned about fake news on the internet 

Social media: TikTok now reaches a quarter of the world’s under 35’s, with 7% of this group using it for news 

Devices for news sources: Smart phones are the fastest growing device for news, with 61% of the world using them as their main device for news

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