Reaching high-net-worth Londoners

April 26, 2019, 12:49 PM GMT+0

Ubiquitous wanted to find out more about “hard to know” investors in London in order to understand how they can be effectively reached through taxi advertising.

Ubiquitous wanted to:

  • Understand the key differences (including in investment portfolios) between those with an independent financial advisor and those without
  • Understand what concerns investors have about the next 12 months
  • Ask about media preferences including visibility of and attitude towards taxi advertising
  • Help its clients better understand the value of taxi advertising when targeting this audience

Ubiquitous used YouGov Recontacts to target 1,700 respondents who live or work in London and earn over £35,000 per annum– split by investors and non-investors.

Ubiquitous were able to build a profile of:

  • Those with an IFA and those without
  • Those who notice taxi advertising

The study found that older, wealthier respondents were more likely to have an IFA and use black cabs in London.

Client Testimonial 

“We chose to work with YouGov as they were able to provide both quality and quantity when it came to a high-net-worth sample. The added bonus of being able to access our sample via profiles was really useful for expanding on the minutiae of audience behaviour to deliver deeper insights.”

- Jennifer Schooling, Media Analyst


About the brand

Ubiquitous is the UK’s leading taxi advertising contractor, bringing innovation, knowledge, credibility and creativity to taxi advertising, across 23 UK locations. Through proprietary research and industry media insight, such as Route and YouGov, Ubiquitous leads the way in providing accountability to brands - vital in today’s media landscape where budgets are scrutinised for efficiency and effectiveness.

Solution delivered by: YouGov Recontacts (Profiles and RealTime)

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