Ad of the month – Nationwide

November 10, 2017, 12:26 PM GMT+0

Over the past month, Nationwide is the brand that achieved the greatest uplift in its Ad Awareness (whether someone has seen its advert in the past two weeks).

The long-running ‘Voices Nationwide’ campaign, which first aired in September 2016 featuring spoken word artist Hollie McNish, has continued to have a notable impact among the British public. The aim of the campaign is to articulate what makes Nationwide different from other high-street banks.

A recent re-creation of one of the brand’s short videos, entitled ‘Pals’ by Toby and Laurie, shows two best friends discussing the various elements of their friendship through a poem written by the duo.

YouGov brand tracking data highlights how the ‘Voices Nationwide’ campaign is still making an impression, a year on from its initial run.

From the first of September (when the advert launched), to the end of October, Nationwide’s Ad Awareness score among the general public moved from +21 to +25. However, it achieved particular cut-through with those who say they are likely or very likely to buy a financial product within the next six months. Among this group Nationwide’s Ad Awareness rose from +23 to +34. 

The most recent iteration of the campaign has also had an impact on other YouGov brand tracking metrics, such as Purchase Consideration (whether or not you would consider purchasing something from the brand). Among the general public, Consideration increased from 28% to 35% from the beginning of September to the end of October. Among those who are likely or very likely to purchase a financial product in the next six months, it rose much more sharply – from 36% to 48%.

Nationwide has long enjoyed a positive Impression score, which puts it ahead of all of its sector rivals. The continued success of the ‘Voices Nationwide’ campaign, at least in terms of visibility, should give the brand a platform to carry on communicating to the public what makes it distinct from the competition. 

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