Ad of the month - Pringles

June 13, 2017, 1:33 PM GMT+0

This month, Pringles is the brand that has achieved the greatest uplift in its Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen its advert in the past two weeks).

Of course, Pringles has a very well-known strapline which it has used for many years – ‘Once you pop you can’t stop’. However for this campaign the brand changed direction with its messaging – instead focussing on promoting ‘perfect flavour’ Pringles. 

What’s more, Pringles has enlisted the help of several stars from Channel 4’s Gogglebox, who appear in short videos while enjoying the snack.

Since the launch of the campaign, Pringles’ Ad Awareness score among all respondents has increased by 6 points, up from +8 to +14.


Encouragingly for the brand, the score is more even more impressive among those that would consider buying the product. Looking at this group, the score has grown by 11 points, from +13 to +24.

What’s more, the campaign has led to an increase in people talking about the snack. Pringles’ Word of Mouth Exposure score among all respondents has grown by 4 points over the past month. This, curiously enough, may also have something to do with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being spotted enjoying some Pringles with his supporters.

It is not all plain sailing for the brand, though. Our data suggests that it actually recently suffered a notable dip in in its overall Impression score, falling from +30 to +25 among all respondents in late May (though this has begun to climb again and is currently +28).

Pringles can be satisfied that its new campaign has been a success. However, as we have noted in several other FMCG focussed articles, all brands in the marketplace will need to be wary of how any price rises over the coming months will mitigate any goodwill that creative advertising generates.

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