Ad of the Month -

February 21, 2017, 12:12 PM GMT+0

We assess which brand's advert achieved the best awareness levels last month

Over the years, the adverts of car buying service have been well known due to its use of a catchy jingle. Its past campaigns have been a success, so much so that last month the company announced it has acquired its one-millionth car. 

Its most recent campaign involves customers sat on sofas outlining their experience with the brand. The voiceover is provided by James Corden (who is currently somewhat of a ubiquitous advertising presence). The company has also rolled out adverts on the London Underground system.

YouGov brand tracking data indicates that this particular campaign has been a success. Among all respondents the brand’s Ad Awareness score (whether you have seen an advert for a brand in the last two weeks) has increased by an impressive 21 points since the turn of the year.


Of course, the campaign needs not just to be memorable, but also relevant to those that may think of using the service. YouGov’s BrandIndex service is also capable of ascertaining how the ad has done among car owners – and among this group its score has risen by 23 points.

There is still work to do however. Despite the increase in campaign cut through, overall the public still maintains a negative impression of the company. Its Impression score (whether you have a good or bad impression of a brand) currently stands at -11, which is currently the lowest among our Online Services sector. It has however, improved a good deal over the past few years. Indeed its Impression score was around the -27 mark in 2013.

So while the company may still have an issue over its overall image, it can be satisfied that its ad campaigns continue to be successful as well reaching its desired market.


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