Last week Netflix released its lavish new series, The Crown, documenting the life of the young Queen Elizabeth II.

The show’s extravagant budget and glittering cast have attracted much publicity over the past few weeks, but when we looked into the numbers of people who’ve actually seen the show so far, the numbers were far more modest. Only 9% of respondents have sat down to view the programme this week, with a further 19% planning to watch it. Indeed, despite an aggressive marketing campaign, only 69% were even aware of the series.

The key reason for this slow uptake seems to be the broadcasting platform. The show was reportedly intended for the BBC, but the extraordinary budget offered by Netflix allowed the show’s producers to create a truly impressive spectacle. But as over half of those who haven’t yet seen the show told us it was because they don’t have access to Netflix, perhaps this choice might not have paid off. While those who have watched it have told us they’re feeling far more positive toward Netflix as a result, viewing numbers may end up restricted to a privileged few.

We’d like to know more about what you think of the series. Netflix’s approach to the subject matter, taking a hard hitting and deeply personal look at the lives of the royals, has struck many as very different in tone to the BBC’s typically deferential approach. Do you welcome this change, or think that such an unrestrained account is invasive of the privacy of living people?

Have you seen any of the series? In the comment section below let us know what you’ve thought so far, on anything from Claire Foy’s clipped vowels, to your favourite moment, to the production values in settings from London to Nairobi. With the programme being hailed as the most expensive TV show ever made, YouGov want to know if you think it’s been worth the pomp and circumstance, or more of a right royal let down?

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