Four in ten Britons say their phone battery doesn’t last all day

September 17, 2020, 8:19 AM GMT+0

They tend to own smartphones, but also push their phones harder

Four in ten Brits (41%) agree with the statement “my phone battery never lasts the whole day”, compared to 51% who disagree.

Unsurprisingly, those more satisfied with their battery life are more likely to be using feature phones (12% vs 5% of those who drain their battery daily).

But the results also show that low battery Britons are more likely to be using their phone for power-hungry purposes. Four in ten (40%) are watching videos on their phone, compared to 25% of those who tend to feel they can get to the end of the day with some charge left.

Likewise, 37% are playing games, compared to 24% of people who don’t run their battery dry.

What do people want in a phone?

Low battery Britons are most likely to say that battery life is an important feature when choosing a smartphone (62%), although they share this in common with their more well-charged brethren (60%).

They are, however, more likely to say that battery charging time is a priority (35% vs 31%), as well as the phone’s brand (30% vs 23%) and that it is the latest model (10% vs 6%).

They are less likely to be worried about value for money (58% vs 53%).

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