One in three in England are interested in women’s football following 2023 world cup

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
August 23, 2023, 10:47 AM GMT+0

Interest in England has risen significantly thanks to Lionesses’ strong showing in the tournament

While the world cup may have ended in heartbreak for the Lionesses, the team’s success in getting to the final could prove to have had a lasting legacy in popularising women’s football.

A YouGov study conducted during the group stages of the tournament found that 21% of English people said they were “very interested” or “fairly interested” in women’s football. That figure grew as England advanced through the knockout stages, and immediately after the tournament stands at 34% - a 13 point increase.

Among those who express an interest in football in general, interest in women’s football specifically has likewise increased from 51% to 65%.

Interest in women’s football among English women now stands at 30% (up from 19%) and among English men it is 38% (up from 23%).

The Lionesses’ strong showing in the tournament has also boosted their support significantly. Among England supporters, only 48% said they actively supported the women’s team prior to the world cup – now 62% say they do, significantly closing the gap with the men’s team (76%).

Now that the women’s world cup is finished, a quarter of English people say they watched “a great deal” (5%) or “fair amount” (21%) of it. Prior to the tournament, 16% said they expected to watch this much of the competition.

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