YouGov reveals Welsh attitudes on smoking

June 20, 2014, 3:36 PM GMT+0

People in Wales are split over whether electronic-cigarettes should be banned in public places, YouGov research shows.

The Welsh government recently said it was considering a ban after concerns were raised that the devices electronic cigarettes could “re-normalise" the use of conventional cigarettes. The poll of over 1,000 adults in Wales shows that four in ten (40%) believe e-cigarettes should be banned while slightly more (45%) think they should not. One in seven (15%) do not know.

YouGov’s research suggests that over-60s are the age group most likely to favour a ban (48% against 36% of 18-59 year-olds) and least likely to believe they should be banned (39% versus 47% of under-60s). While an equal proportion of men and women (40%) think electronic cigarettes should be banned, men are more likely than women (48% to 43%) to believe the devices should not be outlawed in public spaces.

YouGov’s survey also showed a majority (81%) of adults in Wales back a ban on smoking in cars if there are under-18s present. While most people backed a ban on smoking in cars carrying any passengers (59%), almost half (49%) oppose a ban on people smoking in all private cars, with just under four in ten (39%) backing such a measure.

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