New Brand of comedy…?

July 06, 2010, 10:12 PM GMT+0

Get Him to the Greek, an American comedy film featuring Russell Brand, has climbed up the leaderboard above all other recent movie releases, inflated by both its debut in UK cinemas on 25th June and the generally positive reviews that have followed.

The volume of comments, or ‘tygs’, about Get Him to the Greek peaked at 27, inflated by 20 in the past week, and with a high score of 45, boosted by a an increase of 38 points over the same time period.

The vast majority of tyggers have been positive about the film, commending it as being ‘extremely funny’ and ‘enjoyable’. Another wrote that Get Him to the Greek is a ‘very light hearted film which would appeal to someone with a slightly darker sense of humour’. One tygger was pleasantly surprised as they found the film ‘a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be’ while another singled out Brand for praise, describing him as ‘great’ and having delivered a ‘good performance’.

The film will appeal to fans of Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Brand and co-star Jonah Hill feature in both, reunited for this new release to play an out of control rock star and the fledgling record company intern trying to tame him in what one tygger described as a ‘lighthearted but dark comedy’.

However, it was clearly not to everyone’s taste, with one tygger calling it ‘a film merely created to boost Russell Brand’s ego’ and another describing the comedy as being ‘very forced’. Indeed, the film has not managed to maintain such high levels of interest – in the past 48 hours it has fallen by 12 sentiment points. With the film still in cinemas and Russell Brand’s star continuing to ascend in the US, watch this space to see if the interest was one peak on a wave of many or simply a flash in the pan.

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