Football's coming home

June 29, 2010, 6:49 PM GMT+0

As a deflated England team touches down at Heathrow, the amount of users, or ‘tyggers’, talking about the World Cup has seen it shoot up to first position on TellYouGov’s leaderboard on volume alone, and remain in the top three since. The sentiments expressed were, as is to be expected, mostly negative following England’s Sunday defeat to Germany at four goals to one.

The peak volume score of 407 is evidence of the mass of unhappy tyggers who brought the sentiment score down to -205, an impressive decrease of 216 points in the past 48 hours.

Most comments were criticising England’s ‘disappointing’ performance, with some even exclaiming that the players, or even England’s manager Fabio Capello, ‘should be sacked’, as they were merely ‘under-skilled prima donnas’. Another called England ‘absolutely terrible’ while another lamented that there ‘was no spirit at all’.

The details of the must-maligned game were not lost on tyggers either, many of whom touched on the referee’s failure to count Frank Lampard’s now-undisputed goal. Some called referee Jorge Larrionda biased, with many saying that it completely crushed England’s chances of winning, dubbing it ‘the turning point’ of the match. Others, however, still thought the performance was just not good enough, goal or no goal – one said, ‘England just didn’t really turn up’.

It wasn’t all negative, though, and one tygger noted the ‘great camaraderie on both sides’. Another suggested that he had enjoyed the ‘sheer excitement of it all’, while one especially supportive fan proffered a rather more uplifting comment, exclaiming ‘hey, it's not the end of the world - and I still love you, England!’ Another soothed ‘they weren’t as dire as everyone says they were’.

However, one tygger caught the zeitgeist by complaining that England players are ‘so overpaid and out of touch they think they are above criticism’. Above it or not, England's so-called ‘Golden Generation’ are likely to be subjected to a considerable amount of it from here on in. Watch this space as TellYouGov continues to track the response.

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