World Cup woes

June 23, 2010, 7:13 PM GMT+0

As the end of the group stages is approaching, a great number of users, or ‘tyggers’, are talking about the World Cup on the TellYouGov leaderboard, expressing many, generally negative sentiments. The subject's position behind only David Cameron’ and the ‘Budget’ on the main leaderboard attests to its current popularity.

Despite a large volume score (224), the majority of users have been expressing negative sentiments over the last week (producing a sentiment score of -122), and especially over the last two days when the sentiment score dropped to -149. The most common complaint is that the matches have been ‘boring’ and ‘failing to meet expectations’ with many of the ‘main’ teams accused of not taking enough risks. Friday’s disappointing nil-nil outcome against Algeria has further aggravated tyggers’ frustrations with the World Cup, with England’s performance being described as ‘useless’, ‘poor’ and ‘lacking passion.’

Vuvuzelas, TV coverage...and the new ball

In line with a recent YouGov survey, many tyggers continue to complain about vuvuzelas spoiling their enjoyment of the matches, while ‘the overhyped media coverage’ have also been criticized with many not-so happy tyggers complaining about the displacing of their regular shows and one of them suggesting that ‘the World Cup should be dedicated to one channel only.’ The new ball has also been accused of ‘ruining the tournament’ with some tyggers questioning why Germany got to train with the new ball six months before the start of the tournament.

‘Great performances’

But it’s not all negative. Those who have been positive are raving about the performances of the underdogs with comments including ‘even the lower ranked teams are putting in some great performances’ and ‘most matches are not as predictable as I had thought.’

Whether we will see changes in attitudes will in all likelihood depend on England’s hotly-anticipated performance against Slovenia, as well as what may ensue amid the start of the second round this weekend.

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