Capital cuisine

June 02, 2010, 8:11 PM GMT+0

Despite the dismal economic climate, it seems that Londoners are still enjoying a few tasty treats, with 81% eating in restaurants or getting takeaways at least once a month, if not much more often.

Almost half (48%) admit to eating out or getting a takeaway at least once a week, while two thirds (67%) claim to treat themselves two or three times a month.

When asked specifically about restaurants, 16% say they eat out at least once a week, and 19% say they go out once a month. In total, two thirds (66%) of Londoners eat out at least once a month, with seven percent eating in a restaurant a very regular two to three times a week. Only two percent say they never eat out.

And when it comes to the capital’s favourite cuisine, Italian food tops the lists as a clear winner at 20%, closely followed by Indian at 16% and Chinese at 12%. But as might be expected, there is a gender divide among the nation’s chosen grub; while 20% of London’s men chose Indian as their top cuisine, only 13% of London ladies agreed with them, choosing Italian as their food of choice instead (22%). Interestingly, age is a factor as well - younger palates appear to prefer foreign flavours more than do those of their older counterparts: only four percent of 18 to 24 year-olds opted for British food as their favourite, while 21% of over 55s did so.

Perhaps this level of eating out is afforded by the apparent popularity of vouchers, discount codes and punters’ pickiness. 60% of Londoners claim to have used voucher codes whilst eating at restaurants, and 22% say they use vouchers at least once a month, rising to 37% among 18-24 year olds. And these discerning diners don’t just go to the first place they see; 59% state that they read reviews before visiting a restaurant they have not tried before, with 22% claiming to ‘often’ or ‘always’ do so.

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