Eurovision fails to impress

June 02, 2010, 12:02 AM GMT+0

After witnessing Britain’s failure in the Eurovision song contest last Saturday, it seems many of TellYouGov’s users, or ‘tyggers’, are less than happy with the European song competition.

Recording a massive volume of 232, up 132 in the last 48 hours, the Eurovision Song Contest shot to the top of the TellYouGov leaderboard over the bank holiday weekend, behind only former cabinet minister David Laws and Prime Minister David Cameron. However, with a sentiment score of -135, feeling looks overwhelmingly negative towards the competition.

The UK’s record of failure in the competition was extended this year when entrant Josh Dubovie finished last, after achieving only ten points for the Pete Waterman song ‘That Sounds Good To Me’. Many are calling the competition ‘a waste of time’ and a ‘massive waste of money’, while another declared that it is ‘time to withdraw from this annual humiliation’.

But some see the fault less in the competition and more in the voting system, as many feel that the UK’s entry was unfairly treated and that perhaps people are not always basing their vote on the quality of the song. One tygger wrote that ‘our song did not deserve to come last’. Others commented that people ‘purely voted on political basis rather than singing talent’ and described the competition as ‘absolutely dire, over the top hype [with] biased voting [and] atrocious songs’.

However there do seem to be some tyggers who enjoyed the entertainment on Saturday. One wrote ‘a good lighthearted show as usual, shame we didn’t win though’, another called it ‘the highlight of my year’. Some are also praising the winner, Lena, the German teenager who stormed ahead to 246 points with her song ‘Satellite’. Tyggers seem to like the German entry, calling it ‘catchy’ and, perhaps surprisingly for Eurovision, ‘a bit different for once’.

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