Stephen Fry for PM

May 20, 2010, 10:08 PM GMT+0

QI host Stephen Fry is proving very popular among TellYouGov users, or ‘tyggers’, recording a volume score of 64 and even more impressive sentiment score of +64. Given that the sentiment score is determined by subtracting the number of negative comments, or ‘tygs’, away from the positive ones, it shows an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards Fry.

In fact Fry is the second most talked about non-political individual on the TellYouGov Leaderboard, falling just short of Lady Gaga who has recorded a volume of 79 (although it should be noted that Fry’s sentiment score is far superior than Lady Gaga’s -16).

Fry, who recently lent his voice to the role of Cheshire Cat in the movie Alice and Wonderland alongside Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, is proving popular among tyggers for his ‘great intellect’ and for being so ‘witty’. One tygger even went so far as to say that the actor, writer and television presenter ‘should be prime minister’ because of these traits.

Fry has long been a regular on British television with acting roles in programmes such as Blackadder and Kingdom, as well as hosting the popular QI show. His QI show is particularly popular among tyggers with one saying ‘just watched live recording of QI. Fantastic’, while another called the show ‘the best quiz show ever’ and described Fry as ‘brilliant’.

However amongst this high adoration that Fry is attracting from tyggers, there is a very small minority who do not agree with his fans in the past few weeks. One wrote that they thought Fry was ‘overexposed’ while another called him ‘an arrogant man’. Another asked ‘why do so many people hang on the every word of this man?’

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