Robin Hood yet to convince

May 18, 2010, 7:45 PM GMT+0

Fresh from failing to hit its US Box Office target at the weekend it also seems that the new Robin Hood film is not proving as popular as some may have expected among YouGov leaderboard users, or ‘tyggers’.

The Ridley Scott movie, which opened the Cannes Film Festival last week, portrays a more original version of the story’s regular mythology. While Robin, played by Oscar winner Russell Crowe, spends time fighting corruption and an unfair taxation system (and of course falling for Lady Marian), he also gathers his followers together to stop the country falling into a civil war.

Although this new approach has gone down well with some ‘tyggers’, one of whom called it ‘an excellent angle on a traditional story’, the film has not had the same impact that recent movies, such as Avatar and Iron Man 2 have had on the TellYouGov leaderboard. Robin Hood debuted at number 2 at the US Box Office at the weekend, taking $37m, behind Iron Man 2, which took $53m. Consistent with this, Robin Hood is also behind Iron Man 2 in terms of sentiment score on the leaderboard. Although it has recorded a volume of 85 in the last 48 hours, it has achieved a modest score of +9, compared to Iron Man 2 and Avatar which still seem to be going strong with a score of +19 apiece.

While a score of +9 means that sentiment towards the film is mainly positive, with some ‘tyggers’ calling it ‘an enjoyable film’ and describing it as ‘epic’, it also indicates that there is also a significant level of negative sentiment being aimed at the film. One unhappy ‘tygger’ thought ‘the story was muddled and the history that was dragged into the myth was totally distorted’. Another said that they ‘thought the film was going to be better than it actually was’, while one asked ‘do we really need another remake?’.

The film doesn’t seem to have had the impact that its makers would have hoped for. However, having only been released in the UK very recently (14th May) it remains to be seen if Robin Hood can improve its leaderboard sentiment score as more people go and watch it.

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