Good neighbours ... good friends?

April 14, 2010, 6:20 PM GMT+0

It is often said that today’s society is much more lacking in community than in days gone by, but a survey for aid charity Elizabeth Finn Care has found that the majority of people actually have good relationships with their neighbours.

In a poll involving 2085 people, 72% agree that they have good relationships with their neighbours while 62% admit that they know all or most of the names of their next door neighbours. Neighbours are also a source of advice for more than half of those sampled, with 52% responding that they would be likely to turn to a neighbour if they had a problem.

When asked whether they would consider leaving a door key with one of your neighbours, 34% admit to already doing this while 37% state that although they don’t currently do it, they would consider it in the future. In terms of specific acts the public have admitted to carrying out for their neighbours, 45% say they have listened to a neighbour when they are upset while 32% say they have shopped for a neighbour and 26% have walked a neighbour’s pet.

Evidently then, no man is an island and instead of keeping up with the Joneses, it seems that the British public are more than happy to turn to the Joneses for everything from locking the house to seeking advice. Maybe ‘good neighbours’ really do become ‘good friends’...

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