Antisocial acts

April 01, 2010, 12:38 AM GMT+0

In a bid to gauge general changing feeling towards social issues, we added a few questions to the end of a YouGov survey about people's attitudes towards anti-social behaviour.

51% of the public rated ‘vandalising property’ as the most antisocial act, Second was ‘urinating in the street’, with 22% citing this as the most antisocial activity.

However, only 34% of respondents had actually witnessed vandalism first hand, which was low in relation to the number who had personally encountered litter-dropping (83%), loud swearing in the street (81%), spitting in the street (77%), and excessive noise late at night (72%).

Other antisocial activities appear to be fairly widespread, as 52% of respondents had witnessed people not controlling their pets, 49% had seen someone urinating in the street, and 36% had seen graffiti being created.

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