NHS Blood: ‘Don’t privatise’

April 04, 2011, 10:39 PM GMT+0

Privatisation of the NHS Blood and Transplant Service would not be supported by the British public if it were approved by the Government, the results of our survey reveal.

  • 64% of people oppose plans to use private companies to run part of the NHS Blood and Transplant Service
  • 25% would agree with the privatisation if it went ahead, with only 4% saying they would ‘strongly support’ the move

Outsourcing the NHS

The Government has been considering whether to privatise part of the NHS Blood and Transplant Service in a bid to make it more ‘commercially effective’. Sections of the service which could be run by private firms include testing, processing and transport of blood and are part of a wider strategy to outsource more NHS services.

However, the proposals have faced objections on the grounds that people who donate blood do so for free, so private companies should not profit from this goodwill. 25,000 signatures from members of the public have already been amassed in under a week, as part of a union-organised petition protest against the plans.

See the survey details and full results here