Are you getting enough sleep?

Hannah ThompsonYouGovLabs and UK Public Opinion Website Editor
February 04, 2011, 9:50 PM GMT+0

The British are split over whether they get enough sleep, with slightly more saying they don’t get enough than those feeling they do, despite the majority getting the recommended amount of between seven and eight hours a night for adults.

  • 37% of Brits say they get seven hours sleep a night
  • 24% say they sleep for 8 hours
  • A more deprived 23% have 6 hours, while 9% sleep five hours or fewer
  • The average amount was 6.9 hours, just under the recommended minimum of seven hours

Our survey found that slightly more people feel sleep-deprived than feel well-rested, though, with 45% saying they get ‘about the right amount of sleep’ compared to 51% who think they ‘get less sleep than [they] need’.

Adults aged 25-39 are the least likely to feel well-rested, as a full 65% say they don’t get enough hours a night.

And despite adults aged 18-25 getting more sleep than the over 60s (7.5 hours compared to 6.8), the younger group say they feel much more sleep-deprived, with 58% saying they get less sleep than they need versus just 33% of the elder group who say the same.

Londoners are the most sleep-deprived in Britain, with 55% saying they don’t get enough sleep compared to an average of 50% across the rest of the country and Scotland.

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